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Winners of the Taste of the West 2010 Gold award for Online retail outlets in Cornwall and the Taste of the West Silver award for Local Retail Outlet.

We are a 850 acre traditional mixed and non-intensive family run farm based in the heart of rural Cornwall and we produce, supply and deliver the finest quality meats and produce from our licensed premises. The beef and lamb born and raised on our farms is sold in the farm shop butchery.
Seasonal Selection from Lobbs Farm Shop ... April 2014

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Rump Steak beef - [227g/8oz approx] : Meat > Cornish Beef
St Endellion Brie : Cheese > Cornish Cheese
French Trim Best End of lamb : Meat > Cornish Lamb
Breast of Lamb Stuffed with Sage & Onion : Meat > Cornish Lamb
Mince Beef Pack - 2.27kg/5lb : Meat > Cornish Beef
Rump Steak beef - [350g/12oz approx] : Meat > Cornish Beef
Cornish Unsmoked Collar Joint : Meat > Cornish sausages & bacon
ROSKILLY'S 200g box organic Cornish clotted cream fudge : Sweets & Snacks > Chocolate & fudge
TRENANCE 6 luxury hand-made chocolates : Sweets & Snacks > Chocolate & fudge
Cornish Camembert : Cheese > Cornish Cheese
SHARPS Chalky's Bite 330ml : Jars & Bottles > Alcohol
HEALEYS Cornish Cyder Farm gift box : Jars & Bottles > Alcohol
Cornish Regional Wine - Bosue White - 75cl : Jars & Bottles > Alcohol
TRACKLEMENTS onion marmalade 365g : Jars & Bottles > Chutneys, dressings & pickles
CHERRY TREE Spicy tomato & caramelised onions : Jars & Bottles > Chutneys, dressings & pickles
SMP Pickled onions 450g : Jars & Bottles > Chutneys, dressings & pickles
Fudges Biscuit selection for cheese 300g : Biscuits > Savoury
Lobbs home-reared beef selection box : Meat > Cornish Beef
LOBBS Chicken, leek, spring onion & smoked bacon pies - twin pack : Lobbs homemade > Savoury pies
LOBBS Ham & egg pie - 10" round : Lobbs homemade > Savoury pies
Godminster organic cheddar 250g : Cheese > Cornish Cheese
Gift hamper 1 : Cornish Hampers > Gift Hampers
RODDAS clotted cream 227g/8oz : Deli > dairy
Winter on our farm
Winter 2014

I have just read my winter of 2013 newsletter and this year, 2014, the weather appears to be a repeat but worse. My heart goes out to the people and farmers who are totally inundated with water; not just for a day or two, which is bad enough, but for many weeks; some since the middle of December - demoralising indeed.

Our sheep are struggling through the wet. The lambs are managing on the whole apart from two lambs that had just had enough of the rain. I brought them both in to the yard and put them under a heat lamp. I fed them both with milk but unfortunately both lambs died suffering from exhaustion from the incessant wet weather. I have been feeding most of the ewes in the fields with rolled barley/oats which has kept their energy levels up and supported their milk supply which in turn is the best remedy for the lambs. In time the lambs will also eat the cereal mix supplementing the limited grass available. Much of the grass is simply not growing and what grass there is has been splashed on by the muddy conditions.

The cattle in the yards are looking well but we are coming to the end of our winter bedding of straw. We appear to be using more straw in our cattle yards as the atmosphere is always so damp with the wind blowing the damp air into the sheds and then dropping on to the bedding. If only we could order up 2 weeks sunshine!!

Our cattle are kept indoors during the winter which means that they are protected from the worst of the weather. This also gives our ewes the availability of extra acres of grass during the slow growing days of the winter. To house the animals is expensive though with supplies of silage and hay to be fed and straw required for bedding.

A few farms such as our neighbours, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, are trying to keep their cattle out during the winter and are feeding the animals in silage rings on the pastures. This is potentially a cheaper method but it has been extremely difficult to manage successfully this year. Many farms have chosen the Dexter breed of cattle specifically because they are a small breed which are used to the rain as they are native to the south west of Ireland.

The beef that we sell in the farm shop is sourced from our own herds of cattle. We have South Devon cows producing calves in the spring and grazing the pastures during the summer. This is an idyllic way of producing meat and the animals are very content.

It was 12 months ago that the horsemeat scandal surfaced and yet we are still awaiting a prosecution and an explanation of how the supermarketsí traceability really works. Or Not. If that was a small butcher shop the authorities would have closed the business and prosecuted the perpetrators. Instead we see the supermarkets increasing their market share and the large processors continuing to search the world for cheap ďmeatĒ.

Our big packs of real beef mince are very popular with five packs of one pound of real beef mince at £10.94. These are just so useful to have in the freezer. We also do big packs of real beef chuck steak which are £18.45 for five pounds. If you prefer, we also do a winter warmer pack which consists of two pounds of real beef mince and one pack of real beef chuck steak for £10.94.
Oh & did I say that this is mince made from REAL beef produced here at Lobbs Farm Shop! This is what I eat and give to my family.

Lobbs Farm Shop beef mince is derived from our prime cattle all under 30 months of age. The supermarketsí mince may well be manufactured from old cows from dairy farms as well as the yucky bits from the factory manufacturing process.

Donít forget that we stock the Madhuban range of curry sauces which are great with Lobbsí meat; a curry with provenance. The different sauces include a medium Bhoona, Balti, Korma, Madras, Jhalfrezi as well as a Thai red or green curry. We have packs of rice, dried fruit, mango chutney, naan bread, puppodums - everything you need for a great home cooked curry.

We have some new products from another local producer - Homecrafts of Par, St Austell. These are a range of chutneys and jams such as curried peach and apple chutney or pear chutney.
The jams are a very high fruit content with 45g of fruit in every 100g of jam in the peach, raspberry and redcurrant jam. These are a real flavour sensation and you donít need as much on your plate to get the flavour.

We are also stocking a new range of Cornish manufactured coffee called Cornish Gold: a medium roast ground coffee for filter and cafetiere. We also stock tea from the Cornish Tea Company which comes in an orange box with 40 tea bags.

Burtsí crisps have now introduced a few new varieties which include Guinness, spicy chorizo and firecracker lobster flavour. I have yet to try these so please let us know what you think.

Many of you have already seen that we are selling the lovely bread made by the Lost Gardens of Heligan bakery. There are brown, white and harvest loaves and we normally get our delivery by mid morning with the bread still warm when we put it out on the shelf. We also sell De Bara artisan bread which includes sour dough as well as spelt bread, a sunflower seed loaf and the ciabbata. We have the more traditional white and brown loaves made by Martins bakery of St.Austell who also produce a selection of rolls. If by any chance we run out of these loaves then we also cook our bake off bread which consists of a white bloomer and a brown organic bloomer as well as baguettes. These bake off breads are also available from our freezer if you wish to bake at home to serve warm with your meal.

We have been busy in the farmhouse kitchen with a refurbishment and installation of new equipment. These improvements should make the working conditions far better for our cooks as there is now much more space in the kitchen. We have kept the area as open as possible and customers can still see what is being made and see the cooks at work. We like to give our customers full visibility to see what we are doing whether itís in the butchery, the kitchen or delicatessen as this is the best way to ensure that everything is done as it should be with nothing hidden around the back.

The farm shop has an excellent standard of cleanliness and our hygiene rating from our Cornwall Council inspection is a top mark of 5. Everyone at Lobbís works hard to maintain this standard of cleanliness and we are proud of the way the shop is kept clean, at the front and at the back.

Please donít forget to use your February discount voucher from the 2014 Lobbs Farm Shop calendar as 10% off is a worth while deal. Now may be a good time to stock up your freezers.

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