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Lobbs Farm Shop at Heligan is a Cornish business retailing the best food from the countryside. We are three farming brothers, Terry, Ian and Richard Lobb, and each have a farm supplying beef, lamb and fresh vegetables direct to Lobbs Farm Shop. Our own beef and lamb are born and raised on the farm where the animals graze our traditional pastures and meadows.

We aim to produce and sell quality food with a known provenance that you can eat with confidence. Please do choose Lobbs for your Cornish and West Country food.
Seasonal Selection from Lobbs Farm Shop ... February 20,

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St Endellion Brie : Cheese - Cornish Cheese
Trelawny : Cheese - Cornish Cheese
Lobbs Farm Shop gift voucher : Cornish Hampers - Gift Hampers
Venison Steaks : Meat - Cornish Poultry & Game
Duckling - Free Range Duckling : Meat - Cornish Poultry & Game
ROSKILLY'S 200g box organic Cornish clotted cream fudge : Sweets & Snacks - Chocolate & fudge
SISLEYS Traditional Apple chutney : Jars & Bottles - Chutneys, dressings & pickles
HALZEPHRON Cornish Herb dressing 250ml : Jars & Bottles - Chutneys, dressings & pickles
Cornish cooked ham : Deli - cooked meats
Chicken - Lemon pepper coated chicken breast : Meat - Cornish Poultry & Game
HEALEYS Classic Oak Matured Cyder 750ml : Jars & Bottles - Alcohol
SHROPSHIRE SPICE Co Wild sage & roast onion stuffing : Misc - Herbs & spices
LOBBS Beef lasagne : Lobbs homemade - Savoury pies
LOBBS Victoria sponge sandwich - 7" round : Lobbs homemade - Cakes & desserts
LOBBS Pork pies - large : Lobbs homemade - Savoury pies
LOBBS Homity pie - 10" round : Lobbs homemade - Savoury pies
Vulscombe goats cheese : Cheese - Cornish Cheese
LOBBS cocktail 10 frozen pasties : Lobbs homemade - Savoury pies
Godminster organic cheddar 250g : Cheese - Cornish Cheese
Beef - winter warmer pack : Meat - Cornish Beef
RODDAS clotted cream 227g/8oz : Deli - dairy
Cows enjoying their haylage
Autumn 2016

News from the farm

The years seem to fly past so quickly. It’s Autumn again, the harvest is in and we are coming out of Europe. Many people have asked if it will affect farming; well the answer is yes but whether it will be good or bad is anybody’s guess!
The prices of wheat and barley have gone up due to the slide in the value of the pound; both are up by over 15%. The downside is that the price of fertiliser and other inputs has gone up. I expect we will not know whether Brexit is good or bad until many years after the event. Personally I have got my fingers crossed!
The cattle are now all in the sheds and seem very happy. The cows are looking well and are in good condition. We will have to be careful how much silage we give them as cows have a remarkable ability to eat and eat. The calves that were born last spring have now been weaned off the cows so the cows are on a reduced diet to try to prevent them getting too heavy. The plan is to keep them on an optimum diet to avoid any calving problems next spring with the growing calves becoming too big and the possibility of calving difficulties at birth. It is not easy to resist the cow’s faces when you walk past and you can almost feel them say “Go on give me a bit more pleeease!”

The autumn ewes have almost finished lambing which has gone fairly well as it has been reasonably dry and fairly warm. I did lose one lamb that I turned out on a day when it poured with rain at night, but on the whole the lambs are looking well. At the moment the flocks are grazing the pasture fields which have been growing well into the winter and should provide enough fodder until next year. In the New Year the flocks will start to graze the fodder rape and stubble turnips which we grow especially for the sheep to eat during the early months of the year.

News from the farm shop

NOVEMBERdiscount vouchers

It is November so please do use your 10% discount vouchers which were included in the Lobbs Farm Shop 2016 calendar; these are valid for one transaction only. The 2017 calendar has just gone to print and will be given out with Christmas and New Year orders. There are only so many calendars printed so to ensure you get your copy which include the discount vouchers for February and November then please do make an order. I am pleased with the photographs in the 2017 calendar which include a lovely selection of local views and we are thankful for the contributions from our customers for their photographs. For each of our customers’ images that we use we give £50 to a charity of the photographer’s choice.

Well hung beef and Christmas poultry
The butchery team are busy getting the meat organised for Christmas. To get the required hanging time for our beef coming from our own farms we need to plan well ahead. We will again be selling Cornish chicken coming from an award winning free range producer. Our turkeys come from three local Cornish producers one of which is organic. We will have white and bronze turkeys for you to choose for your seasonal celebration meals. The turkeys can be bought boned and rolled or as a turkey crown which is a turkey without the legs and thighs or you can buy the traditional whole turkey. We have delicious ducks from Devon and a source for gorgeous geese.

Great game selection

There will be a range of game available from venison haunches or tenderloins to rabbits and pheasant. This is the time of year when people like to push the boat out for some glorious meats which we are pleased to supply but please do make an order so we can reserve your requirements in advance and you will get a Lobbs Farm Shop calendar.

We will have sausages in blankets, sausage meat tubes, cocktail sausages and a choice of sausage flavours such as mulled wine and chestnut as well as the usual choice, and don’t forget the streaky bacon to cover the turkey.

The delicatessen is able to take orders for the festive season for your specific requirements such as Stilton and cranberry cheese, or Stilton mango and ginger and of course the ever popular Cropwell Bishop. Another speciality Christmas cheese is the Bowland: a Lancashire cheese with raisins, apple and cinnamon.

On the shop shelves we have gluten free Christmas puddings from Coles, puddings from Simply Cornish and our own Lobbs Farm Shop puddings, available in a small medium or large size; a pudding for every size of feast.

There is even a Christmas pudding chocolate bar from Kernow chocolate, a Christmas stollen chocolate, and a Bah Humbug bar. Oh did I mention it is nearly Christmas? We also have Teonis’ Christmas pudding cookies and Teonis’ dipped cranberry cookies. These look really nice; I may have to grab a pack for myself!

On the drinks side we have Cornish…… gin from Tarquins, Aval Dor Vodka from the Dustow family, Revolver rum from Lostwithiel, and Cornish moonshine, a sort of whiskey hooch. There is also a Christmas mead and of course………. a Christmas pudding wine.

Why not get some different Cornish beers for your guests or as Christmas gifts. We have lots of different micro brewery bottles on offer; there is Tremethick beer which is made locally at Grampound , Harbour Brewing from Bodmin, who have some great beers, as do Skinners from Truro, Padstow Brewing, Rebel Brewing from Bodmin and Sharps from Rock.
We are now taking Christmas orders at our butchery and delicatessen counters. Please ask our assistants to take your order for collection before Christmas. We have a good system where we take the order and you receive a document which identifies the order and the day of collection. Please bring the document back with you when you collect your goods.

Christmas shopping nights

Christmas late night shopping nights at Lobbs Farm Shop are Monday the 5th and the 12th of December. We will be open until 9:00pm with some of our suppliers here offering tasters for you to try plus mulled apple juice and our own homemade mince pies. The Lost Gardens of Heligan will be open on the evenings of the 5th and the 19th of December.

You can order Lobbs' beef & lamb, Cornish pork, our own homemade sausages including pigs in blankets, not forgetting the stuffing from the butchery counter, any combination of cheeses, salads and pies from our delicatessen counter or bread, cakes & vegetables at the tills. Just ask a member of staff – we’ll do the rest.
Now is the time to place your perfect Christmas order but please remember availability is limited so do make your order to give us an opportunity to fulfil your requirements. When you collect your Christmas orders we will also include a Lobbs' 2017 charity photo calendar with discount vouchers for next February and November 2017.

Summer 2016

News from the farm

The harvest is almost complete and we can breathe a sigh of relief; it can be so all consuming with evening and weekend work, trying to get the crops in before the weather turns wet. The grain crops are all dried and put into store with just the one field of straw left to bale. We need two or three days of dry weather to dry the crops out before we can begin our harvest work so two days dry followed by a wet day is of no help to us.

The yields are down on what we were hoping to achieve by about 25% which is disappointing but the grain price has gone up by 15% due to the weakness of sterling. We have just begun ploughing the fields again ready to drill next year’s wheat and barley which we will drill during October. The regular rainfall has created good growing conditions for the forage rape crop which we grow to feed to our sheep during the depths of winter when grass growth has stalled. There is a field next to the road between the two Kestle crossroads which is looking good at the moment.

On the opposite side of the road there is a field of winter barley that has been left partially uncut. This has been left specifically to provide food for birds over winter and is part of our European funded stewardship programme. Our scheme is due to expire at the end of October and we have not signed up to a new scheme as the payments are not enough to justify the extra work and form filling required. We will now need to bring these areas of the farm that have been set aside for wildlife back into production. This will incur quite a bit of work as unfortunately several difficult weeds such as stroil (couch grass), docks and blackthorn have become established. We will still provide wildlife friendly areas on the farm but these will be at our own instigation rather than some diktat from on high and all the forms that go with it.

News from the farm shop

Some of you may know our butchers by name; well butcher John has decided to retire. He has been past retiring age for a few years now but has continued to work for us for a few days each week. John will be greatly missed; his knowledge and calm manner has been part of our butchery team since 2004. Fortunately he has a daughter, Lesley, who has developed her skills over the years and is now our assistant butchery manager. We have also had the pleasure of previously employing his grandson, Harry, and currently his granddaughter, Grace. We all at Lobbs Farm Shop wish John a long and happy retirement.

At John’s retirement party I enjoyed a rib eye steak cooked to perfection by Mark the chef. I can honestly say it was the best steak I have eaten since the last time I ate steak at the Salamander restaurant. Mark buys his steaks from Lobbs Farm Shop so I know it is good beef but he certainly does know how to cook them - perfect!

Our butchery counter has the full range of steaks on offer from rib-eye to rump and sirloin. Please do try them yourself.

An excellent and cheaper piece of beef would be a joint of brisket. This can be as tasty as any joint when cooked slowly to bring out the flavour and tenderise the meat and at only £6.95/kg this is really good value. A hand of pork is another economical joint at only £2.50/kg. A whole joint may only cost as little as £4.00.

We are now able to provide Cash back with debit card purchases. There is a minimum spend of £5 and the maximum amount for cash back is up to £50. This is now becoming increasingly more popular as a safe and convenient way to get cash rather than through a wall machine or having to visit a bank which may well incur car parking charges. We are also conveniently open most days of the week. The debit card machines are also able to complete contact less transactions for payments up to £30.

The Lobbs Farmhouse Kitchen Range cakes are very popular with a Victoria sponge my favourite with its lovely butter cream filling. We also make coffee and chocolate flavoured sponges and the well liked lemon drizzle cake.

Please do remember that the shop closing time will move to 5.00 pm from October the 1st.

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