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Lobbs Farm Shop at Heligan is a Cornish business retailing the best food from the countryside. We are three farming brothers, Terry, Ian and Richard Lobb, and each have a farm supplying beef, lamb and fresh vegetables direct to Lobbs Farm Shop. Our own beef and lamb are born and raised on the farm where the animals graze our traditional pastures and meadows.

We aim to produce and sell quality food with a known provenance that you can eat with confidence. Please do choose Lobbs for your Cornish and West Country food.
Seasonal Selection from Lobbs Farm Shop ... October 9,

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This years vegetable field with anti pest fleece
Summer 2015

News from the farm

This yearís vegetable field is adjacent to the main road between the two Kestle crossroads. You may see the field as you drive past. We try to plant a few rows every couple of weeks of various different brassicas such as cabbages, cauliflowers and sprouts. The aim is to be able to have a succession of crops ready to harvest throughout the year. Currently we are harvesting pointy cabbage, crinkly leaf cabbage, beetroot, and broccoli.

It is a battle to get these plants to harvest as many of you will appreciate, as nature has a huge array of pests ready to take advantage of a chink in our defences. There are slugs that delight in gobbling down our young leafy plants at every opportunity. Cabbage root fly like to lay their eggs adjacent to the young stems; eventually these eggs hatch into larvae which nibble off the plant stems. The flea beetle likes to eat the young soft leaves leaving a pitted leaf which eventually withers and the plants struggle to grow.

To reduce the effects of these pests we use a plastic mesh fleece which protects the young plants and also provides a special microclimate encouraging growth. The fleece also reduces the number of pesticides that we have to use which has to be good for the environment and us, as we eat the vegetables. When the plants get larger we remove the fleece but then we have to watch out for the cabbage white butterfly and the voracious caterpillars that endeavour to eat and damage our crops.

Finally we have to dissuade the pigeons that often come to the field early in the morning and nibble the leaves and can quite easily devastate the crops. It is noticeable that the birds prefer the green leaves and not the purple leaf varieties! We have a bird banger which has a double bang and is set to go off every hour which can be annoying at first but after a while it becomes less intrusive. We do try to aim the banger away from houses and the bangs are fairly quiet to reduce any annoyance to our neighbours.

Hopefully we will win this annual battle and manage to harvest our vegetables which we hope you all enjoy. It is important that we try to grow these vegetables for the shop because I believe that the fact that our vegetables are picked and delivered to the shop in less than an hour is the best way to optimise the flavour and essential vitamins that the vegetables provide. All leaf vegetables will deteriorate from the moment they are picked and in my view the fresher the better.

News from the shop

My wife Helen and I have just returned from a holiday in France where we enjoyed the sunshine and great food. But I have to say that the steaks that we eat here at home are SO much better than the ones prepared for us in the French restaurants.

I know it's meat from our own farm and I could be a little bit biased but I do genuinely believe our meat is better.

Whether itís the fact that the animals are a real beef breed, are grass fed, live a happy life with little stress and are allowed to grow slower to mature at two years of age, or it could be that the meat is allowed to hang in the chiller properly and then prepared by our expert butchers into the finished product. Whatever the reason, and I expect it is the combination of all these factors, I do honestly believe our meat is excellent and quite often the very best that you can buy. Or is it just me?
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